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Looking beyond normality is the smartest tactic in uncertain markets.
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Horse Cove has a record of results derived from years of testing and rules based applications…
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Horse Cove Partners LLC "Profiting from the art and science of taking risk.®"

Horse Cove Partners LLC is a dynamic option trading firm built on the pillars of trust, confidence, and results. Based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded by industry experts Sam DeKinder and Kevin Ellis, Horse Cove Partners serves clients' alternative investment needs; delivering absolute returns from a forward-thinking investment alternative harvesting option premiums. Attaining absolute returns for our clients' separately managed accounts can be a source of achieving significant investment goals. With Horse Cove Partners, our "insurance company like" strategy is executed weekly. We utilize risk-based formulaic method trading options, seeking absolute returns. In today’s volatility that sounds big, and in fact, it is. We have documented history that has achieved results for our very satisfied clients. Our clients select us because of: Trust in knowing that our own family funds are invested and growing alongside our clients. Confidence in a proven investment methodology grounded in mathematics, statistics and more than 60 years of market data. We use that history and statistics to execute for our clients. Results from a compelling track record achieved over a 6 1/2 year period. That’s best in class... We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our investment process. If you are not familiar with option premium strategies, please view our Basic Introduction to Options Trading video.

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about us

Horse Cove Partners was founded by Sam DeKinder and Kevin Ellis in January of 2013 with the commitment to help grow client’s assets with a highly disciplined investment strategy, replicated weekly, to extract absolute returns from the market by trading short volatility option spreads. More

investment process

The science of what we do is based on a modified Black Scholes model. This takes into account the market movements at given levels of volatility in a given period of time. More

Why Choose Us

The average annual rolling returns (any 12 consecutive months) are 25.52% (results through April 30, 2017) net of fees and expenses. At that rate, funds double approximately every three years, without allowances for taxes.
The returns from the option contracts we trade are tax advantaged. Under IRS Sect. 1256, the returns from selling options are taxed to the investor as 60% long term capital gains and 40% short term capital gains.
One of the key components of our strategy is that is does not need a special market environment to be effective. That means we can execute our trading strategy in rising, falling and flat market environments.
By sticking to our time tested methodology, we can execute trades with confidence of success based on time and history. While the past is not a guarantee of future success, we can learn from the past. For example, did you know that since 1990, when the VIX ® has been under 20%, that the S&P 500 has not declined more than 5% in any week? While this in and of itself is no guarantee that it will not happen in the future; it is relying on favorable probabilities of success like this, that in the aggregate produce positive returns for our clients.
Sam DeKinder and Kevin Ellis have over 75 years of combined industry and business expertise that is available to the clients of Horse Cove Partners LLC to assist in their investment success.